Meet our Team

These are the people that keep Michigan Blockchain running!
Evan Solomon
Economics and business at the University of Michigan. Business development @ Parcl
Abdullah Umar
Senior studying finance at UMich with a primary focus on governance, acting as a delegate for stewarding the direction of various protocols
Shashank Kalluri
Operations & Finances
Aerospace Engineering @ UMich, Minors in computer science and business.
Nina Rhines
Business Education
Senior studying Communications & Complex Systems at Umich. Experience in NFT and tech startups and consulting
Sharun Bala
Technical Education
Junior at the University of Michigan pursuing Computer Science. SWE @ SeatGeek
Blaire Pang
Marketing & Events
Computer Science and Data Science at the University of Michigan. Passionate about full stack development, web3 and entrepreneurship.
Ashrith Bandla
Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Passionate about software development, PC hardware, and algorithmic trading and DeFi.
Parth Valecha
Partner at Arana Ventures
Graduated UMich BBA, class of 2022