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Our mission is to prepare students to excel in the Blockchain space by providing professional development opportunities alongside industry partners, building educational resources with multidisciplinary facets, and aiding students in meaningful research and project development.

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As a part of a massive community of learners, we recognize that blockchain technology takes not only coders, but entrepreneurs, economists, lawyers, and anyone else with a passion for emerging tech.

Our curriculum is years in the making, and has been optimized to bring maximum value.

  • New members are required to go through a weekly education cohort in order to prepare them to take advantage of future opportunities in Web3.

  • Our education cohort not only learns valuable developer skills, but also the necessary business context to understand where to apply blockchain solutions.

  • The education cohort culminates in a final project showcase that all cohort members participate in to graduate from the cohort and be eligible for consulting and governance oppurtunities.


We provide developer and business consulting services to a variety of clients in the Web3 space. Here are a few recent clients.

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Blockchain at Michigan is a lead delegate for Uniswap, Aave, and Compound. We are actively involved in protocol governance via proposal voting, creation, and decision making–all with the purpose of making the blockchain ecosystem cohesive and robust.

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  • We currently have been delegated 3.5M UNI, 50k COMP, 80k AAVE, and more.

  • We work with many other groups, within industry, academia, and student orgs, to work on proposals and have an impact on how Web3 insitutions operate.

  • We have a dedicated team of governance leaders who work around the clock researching and developing proposals, pushing the Web3 community forward.

Core Team

Working tirelessly on growing our community and providing quality opportunities to our members.

Ashish Patel

Ashish Patel is a Senior studying Computer Science with an interest in blockchain infrastructure/systems and decentralized finance. Ashish believes that Web3 presents an amazing opportunity to revolutionize how the internet operates and hopes more people will join us adopting these new technologies. As Co-President of BAM he hopes to expand BAM’s influence and reach within the crypto and blockchain space, foster a vibrant Web3 community at UMich, and provide excellent opportunities to our members.

Sohavni Singh
Vice President

Sohavni Singh is a junior majoring in Computer Science through the College of Engineering. After joining Blockchain at Michigan’s January 2021 Cohort, she is excited to expand BAM’s events and education to increase exposure to new industries, start-ups, and up-and-coming technologies! Sohavni also loves hiking, road trips, and bingeing HGTV.

Abdullah Umar
Head of Governance

Abdullah is a junior studying business, with concentrations in entrepreneurship and finance. He was introduced to blockchain after exploring the history of trade and property ownership. Abdullah is currently involved in launching a multi-strategy blockchain fund, focusing on both venture and digital asset investments. He envisions blockchain as the engine powering the digital economy, transforming traditional industries like healthcare and engendering new ecosystems like the Metaverse. As Head of Consulting, Abdullah focuses on providing members opportunities to become builders in the space by establishing relationships with blockchain companies.

Ammar Safdari
Head of Consulting

Ammar is a senior majoring in physics and CS who is interested in the future of finance and the Internet, which seems to intersect heavily with blockchain technology. Ammar is a big advocate of owning your own data and determining how it gets used and excited to see an internet where your online presence and created content belongs to you. As head of consulting, Ammar tries to setup exciting and topical projects that enable BAM members to develop into blockchain experts and increase their technical competency.

Rachel Pawlik
Head of Education - Business

Rachel Pawlik is a junior majoring in business through Ross and info analytics through SI. She has been involved in the blockchain space since the winter cohort her freshman year; since then, she has been passionate about blockchain use cases in defi and environmental metrics for impact investing. As Head of Business Education, she seeks to make the business side of blockchain more accessible to her peers, communicating the vast potential lying in the intersection of innovation, business and tech to catalyze positive change in the community. She hopes to help all BAM members find their interests within the space so that everyone can grow as professionals and innovators.

Sharun Balamurugan
Head of Education - Technology

Sharun Balamurugan is a junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering. He joined Blockchain at Michigan with no prior experience. Sharun is interested in the application of blockchain with entertainment products, such as streaming, music, and movies. In addition to this, he loves learning about and understanding the foundations of distributed systems that hold up blockchain technology. As Head of Technical Education, Sharun hopes to teach more about how blockchain works and the skills needed to develop in this emerging space.

Contact Us

For general inquiries/collaborations, reach out to us by email.

For or queries pertaining to proposals and voting, please contact us via Twitter.