Our Mission

To prepare students to excel in the Blockchain space by providing professional development opportunities alongside industry partners, building educational resources with multidisciplinary facets, and aiding students in meaningful research and project development.


Our Vision

To foster an ecosystem that offers students diverse opportunities to become innovative leaders in both the professional and academic blockchain space who embody the core values of Blockchain at Michigan.


Our Values



Aligning with the values of decentralization, we will never purposely obfuscate information.


Continuous improvement is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. We strive to always push boundaries, create new opportunities for our members, and improve and expand our educational content.


We foster a culture of thinking “outside the box” and encourage people to view blockchain as more than just the next technology, but rather as a tool for widespread change for the way society functions today.


In life, one will never truly stop learning. We take that same principle, and will always try to provide all the resources students need to satisfy their quest for blockchain related knowledge.


We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to explore the blockchain space in a safe, welcoming environment.


We strive to build partnerships with both university and industry organizations. Internally, we foster an environment that values teamwork, and encourage members to work with many different types of people.


Our History


Our founding team of undergrads Nach Dakwale, Yash Gambhir, and David Kobrosky wanted to apply technology to make a difference in the world. We weren’t alone. In fact, the University of Michigan boasts thousands of students aiming to make their mark.

Brainstorming how to maximize our impact, we reviewed what was already on campus:

from left to right: David Kobrosky, Nach Dakwale, Yash Gambhir

from left to right: David Kobrosky, Nach Dakwale, Yash Gambhir

Student tech clubs building cool projects. Student funds investing in cryptocurrencies. Leadership institutes training aspiring leaders. The University of Michigan implementing its strategic plan for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

Considering our campus climate, the culture of blockchain, and the growing connectedness of the world, what we realized for sure was that the next generation of leaders will be more diverse than ever before.

Based on this realization, we pioneered the first student initiative at Michigan to foster a diverse and inclusive environment of technologists in 2018.

With its diversity, Michigan is the best place for students to develop the intercultural skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly globalized world. By exposing our members to diverse perspectives, we equip them with the experiences needed to make an impact.

As a happy consequence, we’ve become an awesome learning community.


Our Executive Team



Nisreen Bahrainwala


Nisreen Bahrainwala is a Sophomore studying Computer Science, with a possible minor in Spanish or Linguistics. She was first exposed to blockchain at the end of her senior year in high school, and instantly fell in love with the technology and the community. Her main goal for her term as President is to establish a strong blockchain community on campus, as well as create a pipeline for students to gain a blockchain focused education. This past summer, Nisreen (and her co-founder, Yunsoo Kim) presented their company and product, Vivica, at the International Blockchain Olympiad, taking home first place. Outside of blockchain, she eagerly explores all things relating to robotics, machine learning and AI, and has worked at Bosch for the past two summers as an engine calibration intern.

Vp of Consulting

Jonathan Calso


Jonathan Calso is a Senior Computer Science Major and Statistics Minor. He has been an active member of Blockchain at Michigan since its inception, where he facilitated discussions and hosted workshops. This year, as VP of Consulting, John aims to grow the blockchain ecosystem at the University of Michigan by bridging together companies and students for collaboration on blockchain-focused projects. Those interested in joining BAM’s consulting track can learn more here.

VP of operations

Alexandria Pawlik


Alexandria Pawlik is a Sophomore studying Data Science through the College of Engineering with a completely unrelated minor in Theatre Design & Production through the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Alex is a passionate backpacker, LGBT+ activist, and big data geek. Since becoming a cohort member of Blockchain at Michigan in Fall 2018, she has grown to love the blockchain space and all it has to offer. Over the summer, Alex developed a Blockchain Proof-of-Concept with Lansing’s AF Group Innovation Works. As a member of the executive team for Blockchain at Michigan, she is dedicated to using blockchain for social good.

yskim - trimmed.jpg

VP of Education

Yunsoo Kim


Yunsoo Kim is a Junior majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. He always had a passion for research and teaching. He published numerous publications since high school and is currently researching under several professors on topics such as Computational Sociology and Bioinformatics. Yunsoo is also returning as an EECS 203 Teaching Assistant (IA) for his third semester. His interest in blockchain stems from its potential as the future of security. As the VP of Education, he hopes to share his blockchain knowledge with more people and invite more creative minds into the blockchain community. Over the summer, he developed the technical educational track and worked on his blockchain startup, Vivica, with his partner Nisreen.