Our Students

Q. What do you guys do?

A. We're on a mission to build the best leaders in the blockchain space. We work to achieve our goals through education, research and development, and consulting. Our Cohort Members develop their skills through a 3-month training intensive filled with the most essential curriculum recommended by leading developers in the blockchain space. 



A.  Apply before our deadline on Wednesday September 19th, 11:55PM. Also, follow us on Facebook for information about our technical workshops! 


Q. Where can i see your previous work?

A. Check out our FacebookGithub, and feel free to e-mail us at blockchain-executives@umich.edu if you have any questions about our work.


Q. How can i help the initiative?

A. Shoot us an email with what you have in mind! We're open to all types of partnerships and involvement.

Our Partners

Q. How does my company become a partner?

A. We love hearing from companies as passionate about the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency as we are! Please e-mail our Executive team at blockchain-executives@umich.edu for more information about partnerships. Our affiliations range from club sponsorships, engineering mentorship, and consulting & advisory services. 



A. For information about consulting, please e-mail our Executive Team at blockchain-executives@umich.edu. Our VP of Technical Consulting will connect with you as soon as possible. 


Q. Who SHOULD BE CONTACTED for sponsorships?

A. Please e-mail our Executive Team at blockchain-executives@umich.edu for any sponsorship inquiries. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Our Goals

Q. Where will Blockchain at Michigan be by 2019?

A. In one year, Blockchain at Michigan will have trained 20+ blockchain engineers & designers through hands-on projects as part of hackathons, innovation challenges, and consulting services with our partners. 


Q. Where will Blockchain at Michigan in 5 years?

A. In 5 years, Blockchain at Michigan will have helped develop the careers of 100+ University of Michigan students in the blockchain space through multiple initiatives. We aim to equip Michigan students with the tools and skills necessary to enable their success in shaping the blockchain space.  


Q. what do you want future team members to do with the skills they've learned?

A. We encourage team members to build careers in the blockchain space and we aid them in that search. We actively provide resources for professional development & opportunities for our cohort members. Contact us for more information!