Our Values



Aligning with the values of decentralization, we will never purposely obfuscate information.


Continuous improvement is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. We strive to always push boundaries, create new opportunities for our members, and improve and expand our educational content.


We foster a culture of thinking “outside the box” and encourage people to view blockchain as more than just the next technology, but rather as a tool for widespread change for the way society functions today.


In life, one will never truly stop learning. We take that same principle, and will always try to provide all the resources students need to satisfy their quest for blockchain related knowledge.


We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to explore the blockchain space in a safe, welcoming environment.


We strive to build partnerships with both university and industry organizations. Internally, we foster an environment that values teamwork, and encourage members to work with many different types of people.